Privacy and Policy

Our organization has positioned an extraordinary team of members to continuously monitor the transaction made in the online portal. They maintain surveillance round the clock leaving no room for the information of customers to be weaved out. The protection mechanism ensures that only the customers and a selective team of professionals have access to the details and the purchases they made in the online portal. We never distribute or share the details regarding the customers to outsiders be it a person or an enterprise. The one and only circumstance when the customers’ details are shared with others is when the request for the data comes from the law enforcement authorities for specific purposes whenever it is required. The customers’ details are collected in a manner where they provide it without any compulsion and even the data collected is only for the sake of shipping the products which they ordered in the website to the correct address to strictly curtail any confusion in receiving the product. The customers also do have the option of giving an address of their choice to receive the products apart from their address where they are staying. The products also are packaged in a manner which does not reveal the nature of the pills inside during dispatchment.