Adipex (Phentermine)

AdipexAdipex 37.5 mg, available as the generic formulation of Phentermine, is a drug that is prescribed extensively in treating obesity. The drug is indicated for weight loss treatment in persons who are at high medical risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, due to obesity. Adipex/Phentermine is a stimulant that is placed under the amphetamine class of drugs, hence you can purchase Phentermine from many available internet pharmacies without any hassle. The diet suppressant is indicated for short-term use in treating obesity.

How Adipex Works

The Adipex pill works by inhibiting the central nervous system that communicates hunger signals with the brain. By reducing hunger, Adipex enables people taking the drug to eat lesser than usual. With the perception of hunger reduced, the drug instigates people to consume more water, thus enabling the breakdown of stored fat. An intake of healthy food and regular exercise aids Adipex as an efficient weight loss pill. The drug, classified as an anorexiant, can also be prescribed for other medical purposes as decided by the physician.

How To Take Adipex

Buying Adipex 37.5mg from renowned online pharmacies is always advisable. The drug should be taken exactly as prescribed by the medical practitioner at the recommended dosage for the duration advised. Take a single pill at least an hour before breakfast or within two hours from breakfast for best results. The earlier the pill is taken, the more effectively it works throughout the day. Adipex should not be taken before bedtime or in the evenings as it can result in sleep problems. The drug can be consumed on an empty stomach or after food intake. In the event that you miss a dose, do not take two doses together or at closer time periods. Do not discontinue taking Adipex on your own as it can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Adipex Precautions

  • Adipex weight loss pills have the potential of abuse. Hence, it is essential in taking the pill exactly as the doctor prescribes.
  • Do not share the medication with persons who have a history of addiction and drug abuse.
  • The drug should not be consumed along with alcohol as it can interact to produce dangerous side effects.
  • Avoid taking Adipex if you are on antidepressants or if you have taken depression medication two weeks prior to treatment for obesity.
  • Phentermine combines with other drugs and can cause harmful side effects.
  • Disclose to your healthcare provider if you’re taking drugs for any other health condition, if you take herbal supplements, and if you make any changes to your diet plan.
  • Taking Adipex during pregnancy or while breastfeeding can harm the baby.
  • Consult with your physician about the safety of taking Adipex if you have any existing health conditions related to the kidneys, heart, and thyroid.

Side Effects

phentermine side effectsSeek emergency help if you experience any allergic reactions from taking Adipex. Common side effects of Adipex include:

  • Hypertension or hyperactive senses
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Dry mouth
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Digestion problems like diarrhea and constipation
  • Body weakness
  • Uncontrollable tremors
  • Itching

Adipex is used for short-term treatment of obesity only as drug tolerance will reduce the effectiveness of the pill. Consult with your physician to gradually discontinue taking Adipex when it is not effective anymore.